Who writes the work if I order an essay?

We are committing to provide professional work, we always assign very competent and qualified writer to your order. If you need a masters or PhD level writer, we will assign corresponding PhD qualified writer for you. You need not worry because we have a pool of experienced and committed writers versed in research writing.

When does the delivery period start?

The delivery period commences immediately the writer/researcher is identified and the payment has been made. The researcher/writer is then assigned the work and then the delivery period begins but the confirmation of researcher starting work might delay, but this should not be a source of concern if you do not receive the confirmation immediately. We usually sent confirmation messages during working hour 9am – 9pm.

The delay is usually occasioned by our meticulous work of ensuring that we assign a suitable writer to your order. Sometimes we might put your order on hold if we feel we need some more clarification from you.


What about revisions?

Some writing services offer a free revision as part of the order. We do not include a free revision in the price of the order, however, if an error occurs as a consequence of our actions such as failing to follow your instructions, we will fix the error(s) for free.

Important: For proper and effective correction or revision of your paper, we will ask you to tell us what and where exactly must be address or corrected. General messages such as “the essay does not flow” are not such helpful to our writers and do not indicate the inherent mistakes that must be corrected. Consequently, when you are submitting a revision request, we ask you to itemize those actual areas which you belief need correction and thus direct our focus to providing you with an essay that meets your expectations.

Can I speak to the researcher directly?

As we respect the confidentiality of both the client and the researcher, we are not able to arrange direct contact. However, we can always act as direct link and liaise with them on your behalf especially on all questions regarding the order through the messaging system within your account. This system is put in place so that no misunderstanding between the writers and clients can occur.

Is your service confidential?

We operate on strict confidentiality for both clients and researchers. Your order will therefore never discussed neither will be your information.

Even in cases where your documents contain any confidential information, we will guard them except in instances where the order relates to niche orders such as reflection and personal statement orders. We will also, for the sake of confidentiality, ask you confirm such kind of information before sending them to the researcher.